We are the local central Indiana Amiga User Group

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Last Updated: December 2nd   2003

  A.R.C.U.G. which means "Amiga Response Crew User Group"

We Believe in the Amiga

That is the reason we're still here and, the Amiga is still here. Though many Amigan's have put down their memory efficient computers for a memory hungry PC. We feel with the coming of the new Amiga NG, many will return to the fold. For the new comers and present PC owners the Amiga is not DEAD, it is truly ALIVE!!!!


We meet the latter part each month for more information on our next please click here. We currently have 12 active members and still growing. If you would like to join well let me say... you're welcome! We are the response crew because we're here to help. Many question are asked and many answers given at our meetings. If you would like to join ARCUG, we'd be glad to have you.

Breaking News Links

And they say "No news is good news" I can tell these folks haven't linked up with Amiga Inc. ,Amiga Web Directory, ,popular ARCUG Gazette or (ANN) Amiga Network News . And last but not least our club is puting on its first Amiga Computer Show (see link in the upper left corner.